Restorative Justice Recognized

Concord Mediation Center’s Restorative Justice practices were recognized statewide recently.

Nebraska Supreme Court Chief Justice Michael Heavican, in his State of the Judiciary Speech on Thursday, January 17, noted the restorative justice efforts for juvenile offenders. Heavican noted, “This model is called Victim Youth Conferencing. Victim Youth Conferencing involves the convening of a meeting, conducted by a trained professional, between low-risk delinquents and the victim(s) of their wrong-doing. During this process, emphasis is placed on reparations for the victim(s), and appropriate rehabilitation for juvenile offenders. Use of the Victim Youth Conferencing program considerably reduces the odds of recidivism of juveniles and the odds of future involvement in the adult criminal system.”

“The Office of Dispute Resolution received a grant of over $1 million for a 3-year period to expand juvenile restorative justice services to interested counties statewide. Some of the early participating counties include Buffalo, Dodge, Douglas, Lancaster, Pawnee, Red Willow, Sarpy, and Scotts Bluff,” said Heavican. Concord Mediation Center serves Douglas and Sarpy Counties.

Heavican said the Victim Youth Conferencing program “has been evaluated by outside academics. These academics noted the successful rate of reparations to victims and the positive responses of both victims and juvenile participants.”

Concord Mediation Center provides Victim Youth Conferencing services. Contact the center for more information.

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