Become a Mediator

Concord Mediation Center mediators have varied educational backgrounds and personal experiences.  Business and professional experiences range from young professionals utilizing their newly acquired degrees to retired professionals giving their experience back to the community.

All Concord Mediation Center affiliates demonstrate a strong commitment to the mission of Concord Mediation Center.  Certification through Concord Mediation Center requires mediators receive a minimum of 30 hours of training provided through the Nebraska Supreme Court’s Office of Dispute Resolution.  In addition, certification requires additional hands-on training with experienced mediators, continued education, support of Concord Mediation Center’s mission, and continued demonstration of professional skills.

Specialized mediation requires additional training specific to the program.  Examples are Family mediation, Family Group Conferencing and Facilitation.

Concord Mediation Center Affiliates:

  • Represent numerous professions including business, education, law, human services, and criminal justice;
  • Earn and maintain affiliate status, including approval by a Concord Mediation Center review panel;
  • Fulfill Concord Mediation Center’s and the Office of Dispute Resolution’s continuing education requirements;
  • Deliver mediation services of the highest quality to residents of Douglas and Sarpy Counties;
  • Demonstrate a commitment to Concord Mediation Center’s mission of achieving constructive dialogue and conflict resolution;
  • Complete mediation/facilitation training provided by Nebraska Supreme Court’s Office of Dispute Resolution;
  • Use proven interest-based techniques;
  • Co-mediate with another trained mediator;
  • Mentor fellow mediators; and
  • Are monitored by Concord Mediation Center staff through continuous client feedback, client evaluations, and peer reviews.

How do I become a mediator?

If you are interested in becoming a mediator, you may contact Concord Mediation Center for information about upcoming Basic Mediation Trainings by phone at (402)-345-1131 or via  email at You may also obtain information from the Nebraska Mediation Association.